Little Bear (2006-2022)

STONEHAM – Little Bear Mullowney was laid to rest on Saturday, June 12, 2022. Sadly, after sixteen years (that’s 112 in human years) the last of her nine lives had run their course. She leaves behind her human parents, Scott and Priscilla, and her adopted sister, Bella. Little Bear was preceded in death by her […]

And the winner is…

Hollywood’s annual Academy Awards broadcast honoring best actors and films of the year has always been a long, drawn out event. I expected this year’s show to be the same tired affair. Thanks to Will Smith and the slap heard around the world, there’s plenty to discuss. Smith’s confrontation with comedian Chris Rock overshadowed anything […]

Near Normal

As the spring season approaches, mask mandates are being eased or lifted, depending where you live. Vaccine cards are becoming less important to enter restaurants and entertainment venues. The covid death count is no longer the lead story on the nightly news. Life is slowly returning to “near normal” which sounds so much better than […]

A Perfect Storm

A blizzard. In January. On a Saturday. The recipe for a perfect storm.  Days before last Saturday’s storm hit, weather forecasters everywhere were announcing the potential for a storm of historic proportions. The warnings were dire, complete with catch phrases like the terrifying “Bomb Cyclone” and the deadly-but-fun-to-say “Bombogenesis”.  The storm met the official criteria […]

Mac & Cheese

I wanted winter to end, not football season. The excitement and enthusiasm rookie quarterback Mac Jones brought to the New England Patriots returned some of the energy that was missing last year. Nothing against Cam Newton. I liked his showmanship and his hat collection. It was his performance on the field that was the problem.  […]

Deja-vu Year

And just like that, 2021 and all the baggage that came with it is behind us. Funny, I said the same thing about 2020. We may be entering a new year, but why do I get the sinking feeling there will be some carry over baggage tagging along for the ride as the calendar changes. […]

The (real) night before Christmas

Holiday throwbacks are everywhere this season, from the lighted ceramic Christmas tree grandma made to Uncle Bob’s recipe for spiked egg nog which nobody really likes but will still drink to make it through the night. This week, I wanted to bring back a Christmas classic. I gathered together a plate of cookies and a […]

Savor the days

This year’s countdown to the holidays began on October 31st when people started decorating for Christmas and department stores rolled out their holiday advertising campaigns. Blame it on the pandemic, or the thirst for diversion from the nightly news. People are ready to party like never before to make up for last year’s masked-up isolated […]

Family redefined

The odds were a million to one. Two young couples from different parts of the state plan their weddings for the same day and meet on a honeymoon package tour of Southern Florida. The calendar date, November 8, 1980, determined a chance meeting that brought two families together for life, creating a unique bond lasting […]

Turn back time

For a brief moment I thought I was living in the Matrix (for real).  “What time is it?” I asked my Alexa machine.  “It’s 3:03 p.m.” the machine answered in its (her?) soothing robotic voice. Suddenly from my cell phone, the Google Assistant app’s voice chimed in. On its own it decided to offer another […]