Ghosts of Christmas Parties Past

      The tradition of wild, out of control holiday office parties is a thing of the past. Maybe it’s for the best. In the post #MeToo world, there’s no toleration for drunken holiday hijinx in the workplace. I have hazy memories of a few office parties that bordered on total chaos. Having spent […]

December Forever

     “It’s going to be Christmas before we know it.” I uttered those words to my wife back in July as we sat on the sofa on a hot summer night complete with chirping crickets and barely a breeze.      The five months that passed feel more like hours than days.      […]


     I love the beginning of the holiday season. It’s too early to get stressed out and too late to do anything about it anyway. My wife started planning our Thanksgiving weeks ago to make sure the most important meal of the year fit into our extended family’s busy schedule. Between work, kids and […]

Mission: Impossible Whopper

      I’m not a fast food guy. I’m more of a slow food guy. I can’t remember the last time I went to a drive-up window to order lunch. I’m sure it was years ago when I was in a position where I didn’t have any other choice.       I try to be […]

That’s the spirit

     As Halloween approaches, I thought it would be fun to visit a psychic to find out what my future holds. I love all things supernatural. I’m no stranger to psychic phenomena. Halloween season tends to magnify everyone’s interest in the occult.      I did some internet research to find a local psychic. […]

Boston’s Co(s)mic Convergence

     Once upon a time there was an event called a comic book convention. Times have changed. The world now has a bigger, better, super-mega event called FanExpoBoston. The once obscure hobby of collecting comic books has exploded into the mainstream. Comic books have infiltrated everything from children’s television to academy award winning movies. […]

This Is Us

     I wanted to write this column before the next mass shooting, while my mind was clear and my heart wasn’t heavy with the emotions that follow. I was too late. Sunday morning I heard the news reports of the Odessa, Texas shooting rampage. Not again, I thought. There is always a flurry of […]