Pop Life

     I’ve always been a fan of pop culture. Maybe because I’m an artist and I like to be on top of trends. Maybe because it allows me to hold onto some lost part of my youth. Maybe because it’s just plain fun. For me there are hundreds of reasons why I gravitate to […]

Sticks and Stones

     With the advent of warmer weather, everything outside turned green overnight. I knew it was time to start my summer yard work when my Dwarf Spruce trees suddenly became Redwoods. My Fire Bushes turned into four-alarmers and doubled in size. Branches from my giant maple tree were reaching down so low, squirrels were […]

Lost Weekend

     I never thought it would happen. A weekend away – alone. Away from dogs and babies and cats and whatever else is living under my roof in this crowded house. My family has access to a retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and we never have time to enjoy it.   […]