American Horror Story

     The countdown has begun to the most important presidential election of our time. This election will shape the next fifty years of our country. I’m not sure where I heard those words. I’m guessing I heard it from the people who want to make sure their candidate appoints judges to the Supreme Court who share their views. The group of judges who control the supreme court today are ready to retire (or at least they should be). For some elected officials,being a politician is a lifetime job. We don’t have to impose term limits for politicians. We already have them. They’re called elections.

     When I first registered to vote many years ago, things were different. Voters cast ballots for candidates they liked and wanted to support. Today it seems the majority of voters are voting for the lesser of two evils (evil being the key word, and if you scramble the letters of “evil” they spell “vile”, so take your pick).

     The most important presidential election of our time doesn’t seem to be about the issues affecting our everyday lives – skyrocketing medical coverage, safety of our citizens at home and abroad, economic recovery (which I keep being told is a reality, but it seems like a mirage to me). Instead, the election is about lecherous groping and mishandling email. One candidate is a cunning business man who lost billions of dollars and still calls himself a success. Another candidate has a life-long commitment to helping people, only to seemingly put herself above everybody else. It would have been a perfect year for a third party to emerge and lead our country into a reorganized future full of real hope and real change, instead of the smoke and mirrors reflecting the “transparency” of the last administration. Then along came Aleppo and all hope went out the window for a third party to be taken seriously at least time around.

     Now we’re left with a cold, hard decision. Voters are stuck between a crook and a head case. How can anyone be expected to choose between the two? Not voting is not an option. Neither is moving to Canada. Elections should be exciting, not anxiety inducing. With one candidate already refusing to acknowledge the outcome of the election, maybe the torture will not end on voting day. Maybe it continue until the losers unite and succeed from the union. The new Civil War we’re heading for will be anything but civil if the debates we’ve seen are any indication.

     This election has produced political campaigns full of hatred and venom on an unprecedented (and unpresidential) scale from both parties. Well, the party’s over. It’s time to get real.

     I’m not looking forward to casting my vote on Tuesday, but I feel it’s my civic duty. Like everyone else, I’ll hold my nose and head for the polls. I wonder why I need to show a photo I.D. to buy cough medicine at Walmart, but to vote for president I just need to spout off a random address to the aging housewife working the table at the town hall. She crosses off a name on a list and tells me I’m good to go. If some people in town are not voting, can I go to their precincts, announce their address and cast their vote for them? Apparently so.

     Monday, the night before the election, I’m not going to wrack my brain trying to make sense of the chaos happening on the political front. Instead,  I’ll be at Walgreens stocking up on Advil and Tums. I’ll try to get home in time to watch Dancing With The Stars (heavy on the dancing, light on the stars). I hope the conspiratorial Russian hackers don’t try to manipulate the dancer’s scores.  Later, I’ll be watching American Horror Story on DVR while Aleppo falls and the Middle East once again erupts into flames. Then I’ll watch the local news at 11:00 and pray that no one I know is involved in any of the madness happening on the streets.

     When the final votes are cast on Tuesday, November 8th, a new world begins. I just hope the old world hangs on until this national nightmare is over.

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