Politics as usual

After the 2016 election fallout has settled, it looks like it’s politics as usual for President-elect Donald J. Trump. My spell checker keeps correcting my opening line saying “this does not exist in any dictionary”. Welcome to the new world.

     On election night, I turned on the television, flipping channels between CNN and FoxNews to get both sides of the story. It was still early in the evening so I wasn’t expecting any solid projections of a clear winner. But numerous states on the graphics map were turning red, indicating Trump victories.

     “Why do they keep saying Trump is winning?” I asked my wife.

     “Turn it off. I’m scared,” my wife said.

     I wanted to console her but words of comfort failed me.

     In my heart  knew it was only a matter of time before Hillary’s numbers started to creep up. But it just wasn’t happening. I thought the heartless media was toying with me yet again.

     When I woke up Wednesday morning, I listened to the news on the radio. Shock and awe is a good description of what I felt as I rubbed sleep from my eyes.

     After a few moments of disbelief, it all seemed to make sense. People wanted something different from their government, because the system hasn’t been working for quite some time. In America, the majority rules (the Electoral majority anyway). The United States has always honored a smooth transference of power from one regime to the next. Even her highness Hillary agrees with that policy. That’s why demonstrations in the streets seem futile. What’s done is done. People are upset and have a right to peacefully voice their opinion, but it might be more productive to set differences aside and turn this election into something positive.

     The meeting of the minds between Donald Trump and  President Obama alleviated some fears of the public at large. Trump emerged from that meeting with a new attitude. He was making concessions on some of his more radical proposals. Barack Obama’s words had an impact on Donald Trump. Maybe things are not as apocalyptic as I first thought. President Obama addressed his audience stating, “The sun will come up tomorrow.” I believed him. And sure enough, he was right.

     As President-elect Trump appoints his cabinet with experienced politicians and familiar names, I wonder how much things will really change. Donald Trump is not exactly backpedaling on his campaign promises but he seems to be trying to turn them into something realistically manageable. The consummate outsider has apparently been swallowed up by the same machine he fought against during his campaign.

     The Five Guys who comprise the shadow government that secretly controls the world can rest easy. Our President-elect won’t be able to upset the apple cart as much as his supporters first thought. Hope is easy to come by. Change is more elusive. Just ask President Trump after his first 100 days, if he hasn’t already delegated the office of President to somebody else. The political system is so entangled in bureaucracy that only life-long politicians can make sense of it all (not including the Five Guys I mentioned earlier). And you thought that was just a burger joint. Wake up, America.

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