Week One

     It’s been a week since President Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States and looking out my window I see the world is still here. The elegant pomp and circumstance of Friday’s Inauguration Day festivities captured the spotlight even though Trump detractors tried to disrupt the festivities. Protesters […]

Start The Resolution Without Me

     It’s been two weeks since 2017 began and things aren’t completely horrible. Of course it’s still early. I’m ready for anything this time. I won’t be caught off guard like I was last year. I’ve already got my seat belt buckled in anticipation of a bumpy ride.      I’m starting the year on […]

Worst. Year. Ever.

    2016 was already on track as one of the worst years ever. And just before it was about to end, it threw one final twist my way. I endured the loss of my mother a few days before Christmas. She was 91 years old but you would never have known it. She had […]