Trumpocalypse Now

     Was there collusion between Russia and people working for Donald Trump during his presidential campaign? It’s the news story that will not die.

     Allegations alluding to a Trump-Russia connection have been floating around since before Donald Trump was elected president. Anti-Trump spokes-people are insisting the story is true. However, solid evidence linking President Trump’s inner circle to conversations with high-ranking Russian officials about swaying the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor has not been discovered.

     Russia-gate has dominated the news, bumping every other political story to the back burner. The mainstream press is not going to let this story go. Nor should they if they can uncover direct ties to foreign countries interfering with the American election process. But how long does the story continue without any evidence. The proverbial “smoking gun” seems more like a water pistol.

     My head is spinning from the never-ending political reports. One news station insists there are  connections between the Trump administration and the Russian government. Turn the channel and the stories are absolutely false, “fake news” as President Trump likes to say. Former National Security advisor Michael Flynn is ready to begin testifying before the House and Senate investigating committee. He has asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony. He says he has a tale to tell. If Trump is guilty of something you’d never know it. The president wants Flynn to go before the committee and tell all because the president says there’s nothing to tell.

     We all heard Donald Trump say he hoped Russian hackers could find Hillary Clinton’s missing email files. Is it a crime to incite computer espionage by a foreign government against a political opponent during a political campaign? It could be a felony depending on who you talk to. Was it just Donald Trump trying to be funny at the podium while he had the attention of the nation? It could just be a joke depending on who you talk to.

     Every time the Trump-Russia connection stories heat up, the president counter-punches by restating his story that he was wire-tapped by someone in the Obama administration. This tale is even more convoluted than the Russian story. Who said what to who and when? The story is a vicious circle with no beginning and no end. It involves everyone from President Obama to the British secret intelligence agency. Some reports say there is evidence of covert surveillance, other reports find nothing at all.

     One thing is certain regarding both of these dominating news stories. The country cannot move forward until these issues are resolved. Even though I write this column in advance, I’m not worried that anything will be resolved soon. I am worried that our country is at a stand-still and it is time to make progress instead of spinning our wheels stuck in all this muck.

     The Democratic party is taking full advantage of the swirling Trump turmoil. Hillary Clinton has come out of the woods rocking a chic black leather rock-and-roll blazer as part of a twisted, edgy makeover. Bernie Sanders spoke at a Boston rally last week urging the infamous 99-percent to get ready to take their country back. There is movement afoot.

     The press is not going to stop its anti-Trump onslaught anytime soon. Every step forward the president takes, he’s forced back two steps by another scandal emerging from the shadows. How much bashing can  Donald Trump take before he throws in the towel and resigns? Could the coordinated efforts of the news media usurp a sitting president? President Trump does not look like he’s enjoying his time in office so far. Maybe he’ll reach a breaking point and say enough is enough. I just hope he doesn’t point at the little red button on the nuclear launch panel and say “You’re fired!”

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