After many false starts and stops, the day finally arrived for my son, Max, to leave his home in Stoneham and begin his new life in Japan. His hard work and dedication to his musical education from Stoneham High School through Berklee College of Music has culminated in this huge milestone. It’s hard […]

The Legend of Pee-paw

     I have been blessed with two happy, healthy adorable grandchildren. Even though I always thought I was too young to be a grandfather, I’ve embraced the role quite comfortably. Those who have experienced this joy firsthand know what I am talking about. There is nothing like it. It’s a different, deeper kind of […]

Vacation, all I ever wanted

“Vacation / All I ever wanted / Vacation / Had to get away…”      The Go-Go’s song from 1982 hit home me for this year as I waited for my summer vacation to arrive. My family’s hectic work schedules make it almost impossible for us to coordinate long range plans. (Did I mention I’m […]