Aunt Agnes

     My dear aunt Agnes MacRae recently passed away. She graced our lives with her presence for 96 years. The longevity gene is alive and well in my family. I was asked to share some memories of my aunt during her memorial service. I didn’t have to search very far. Memories of my aunt […]

Thoughts on Thanksgiving

     It seems summer just ended and the holidays are already upon us. Every year as soon as Halloween arrives, time speeds up and Thanksgiving takes us by surprise. Some say Thanksgiving is a lot of work for one meal, others enjoy the festivities and go out of their way to make the day […]

The Great Divide

     One year ago, the election of Donald Trump was a polarizing event. Love him. Hate him. Those are your two choices. There is no in-between. And the dividing line is more like a dividing chasm. There is no middle ground. Political discussions have become non-existent. Choose a side, hunker down, and don’t make […]

Warming, Schmarming

     Could someone please tell the weather gods it’s November already. I wasn’t always a big believer in global warming, but I can’t deny the signs any longer.      The most obvious sign that the seasons are changing is the fact that the seasons seem to have stopped changing. The Northeast has been […]