Friends and Family

     It’s Monday morning and I’m exhausted. I usually blame my blood pressure medication but today it’s something different. I spent the weekend partying. No, it’s not what you think. I spent the weekend attending social gatherings with family and friends. I had no rest once my weekend began.

     On Saturday I attended the 95th birthday of my beloved Aunt Dora. She is a living testament to the longevity gene that runs in my family. My aunt is also a living testament that there are still incredibly nice people in this world despite what you see in the media. Events like this should be broadcast on the local news.

     If Channel 7 covered this family gathering, they would have witnessed an outpouring of love that spanned five generations. Grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren flocked to my cousin Diane’s house to pay tribute to her mother. Aunt Dora’s eyesight may be failing, but she didn’t need to see to feel the love bestowed upon her by everyone in attendance. It was a very special reunion with my aunt’s family gathered to celebrate a life long lived. I can’t wait until next year to celebrate the same way.

     As soon as I arrived home, my telephone rang. Long-time friends from Stoneham invited my wife and I to an early evening barbecue, with a few family members and a couple of neighbors. I am always up for good conversation and good food (amazing steaks, thanks Joe and Teri). The subject of hometowns came up and I discovered one of the neighbors and I grew up in the same city. We shared memories of the good old days, and the horrors of growing up in a city with a chemical plant within its borders. Unfortunately we grew up within blocks of a company guilty of land and water pollution in the days before environmental regulations. We relived old times well in to the night. I should have left before being tempted by dessert – Colarusso’s infamous Chocolate Fudge cake – but it was worth it.

     I didn’t want to leave my second social gathering of the day but we had plans Sunday morning. My son was picking us up early, with his wife and two children, so the girls could attend a family baby shower in North Dartmouth. The six of us, along with giant boxes full of baby gifts, fit comfortably in my son’s Dodge Durango. By 8:00 a.m. we were zooming down the southeast expressway.

     My godson, Matthew Scott (love that middle name), is having a baby. My wife and my daughter-in-law attended the baby shower while my son and I entertained the children. My friend George, his son-in-law, and his grandson hosted a breakfast brunch for us. To pass the time while the women were at the baby shower, we took the kids miniature golfing at Caddy Shack’s in North Dartmouth. It was a challenge to keep the grandchildren focused during 18 holes of mini golf. Luckily, on the tenth hole, we got a call from our group at the baby shower. The event ended and it was time to say hello to the family and help load the baby gifts into the back of the pick-up truck. We enjoyed an afternoon/early evening at a barbecue with our hosts George and Tina. We spent some quality time visiting and meeting family members from the southeastern part of the state that we don’t get to see very often. This was the third event of the weekend that I didn’t want to end.

     Later Sunday night I was finally home. This emotional weekend took me from one extreme to another – a 95th birthday, a middle-aged barbecue, and a new baby on the way. The lesson of the circle of life was not lost on me. This weekend proved the importance of friends and family. I was filled with such a positive feeling it negated my exhaustion. I took some great photos to savor the memories. I had a lot of laughs. I enjoyed hanging back and listening to stories shared by my son and my godson as they relived memories of their not-so-distant youth. I watched my grandchildren play. I watched my aunt and her family share the bond of love that cannot be broken by age or time.

     I realized in one weekend that this is what life is all about. Some days are better than others, but these past few days will live on as the best in a long time. Live. Love. Laugh. What a great way to end the summer.

2 thoughts on “Friends and Family

  1. Wonderful story, Scott, as usual! The Circle of Life was certainly evident. Glad you made the time to visit with all of them. Sometimes we forget that time flies.

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