Please Re-Lease Me

     It’s shopping time again and I’m dreading it. Oh, not holiday shopping – I love that. What I don’t like is shopping for a new car. I like to look, but the process of negotiating the final sale is torture for the average consumer.      Currently, I drive a 2008 Dodge Nitro. […]

And so it begins…

     It seems like yesterday I was sitting in this very spot writing last month’s column “October, Half Over”. I even made a reference to my kitchen calendar because I was looking at it from my favorite writing spot at the table. I was surprised to see the month was already half over. I’m […]

My Favorite Monsters

     Tis the season for horror movies. Even though Halloween is over, there’s still time to enjoy some fear-filled flicks before the holiday movie onslaught begins. Here’s a list of my favorite fright films if you’re looking for something scary for a fall Friday night: Night of the Living Dead (1968): Hands down the […]