The Waiting Game

     This article was written over a two day period last weekend. There was so much happening in the world, one session at my keyboard just wasn’t enough.

Saturday 01.19.19:

     I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. An antiquated expression but that’s the feeling today brings as I wait for the first snowstorm of 2019. As of Saturday morning, the is sun poking through the white clouded sky. It looks like any other day. The weather people assure me that snow will arrive at midnight. A lot of snow. It’s New England, so we are due for our fair share of the white stuff. Overdue in fact. Our last significant snowfall was back in November, and that was an eternity ago in snowfall terms. I can’t even remember if I had to shovel my walkway back then. This storm is supposed to be significant, or so they say. Right now, it’s a waiting game. My wife went grocery shopping earlier in the week so we have a stockpile of milk, bread and bottled water.

     After listening to the news today, I’m waiting for more than tonight’s weather event. There’s another event this afternoon at 4 pm. A televised “special announcement” from President Trump as he addresses the nation. Something else for me to anticipate. I’m not even going to try to second guess what this could mean. As we have all witnessed in this administration, anything is possible.

     Anticipating a Patriot’s win is somewhere at the bottom of my mental waiting list. I think we all know how the carnage in Kansas City will play out. It will be fun watching no matter the outcome.

     Adding to my apprehension of super storms and super bowls, I heard the radio announcer give the details of tomorrow night’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse. During the perfect alignment of the sun, the earth and the moon, the moon will turn blood red at 12:45am. Either this is foretelling potential disaster or I’ve been watching way too much Game of Thrones. Keep reading further to see what happened on Sunday while I go take my blood pressure medication and fasten my seatbelt. Looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Sunday 01.20.19:

     Well, the other shoe certainly dropped. Snow shoe is more like it. After trying to follow the schizophrenic weather reports all day Saturday, I still wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Predicting the  rain/snow line is apparently the hardest part of a weatherperson’s job. All I know is my town was in the 8 inch plus category as usual. Shoveling out early on a Sunday morning is not my favorite weekend chore. I guess it’s better than shoveling out on a Monday morning. I would like to thank St. Mark for sending me a guardian angel with a snow blower to clear my driveway or I’d still be outside shoveling sleet in the freezing rain.

President Trump’s national address yesterday was about as useful as Saturday’s weather forecast. He outlined a compromise to end the government shutdown and build his southern border wall. His new plan fell on deaf ears. I was hoping for a bigger announcement like having the Space Force patrol our country’s borders. Until then, there’s just more waiting while our government stands still.

     The New England Patriot’s victory over Kansas City proves I didn’t need to put this on my list of things to worry about this weekend. I should have known the Patriot’s win was a given. An overtime nail-biter wasn’t what I was expecting, but I’ll take it. Go Pats!

     Due to deadlines, I have to wrap up this column before tonight’s Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse at midnight. I’m anticipating on Monday morning there will still be snow on the ground, the government will still be standing and the Patriot’s will still be heading to another Super Bowl victory. But in this ever uncertain topsy-turvey world, you never know. We’re all just waiting to see what happens next.

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