Wall to wall

    American opinion seems divided on the necessity of building a wall on the southern border of our country. I tried to decipher the opinion polls. I wanted to know where the majority of people stood on the subject, but polls are tricky. The answer depends on which news service conducted the poll. The figures fluctuate 60-40 both for and against the wall depending on the source. I’m going to call it a 50-50 split just to average everything out. That doesn’t help any side gain leverage in their position. It does show our country is divided equally on every political issue that’s been in the news for the last three years.

     President Trump isn’t helping to unify the country. He entered Washington in 2016 with a chip on his shoulder. In Washington, he was an unwelcome outsider. He waded blindly into the swamp he wanted to drain. Unfortunately the residents of the swamp were the same people he had to work with. Draining the swamp proved too big a challenge. You can’t drain the swamp while you’re trapped in political quicksand, especially when no one will toss you a rope. His constant flailing only caused him to sink further. And now he’s up to his neck in controversy and even Sarah Huckabee Sanders can’t talk him out of it..

     During his political campaign Mr. Trump promised if elected he would build a border wall, a wall that Mexico would pay for. Trump’s die-hard supporters want him to keep that promise. As months passed, it became clear that Mexico was not going to pay for the wall. One way or another, the taxpayers (that’s us) are going to pay for the wall. And that doesn’t sit well no matter what side of the wall your on. President Trump seemed to back-pedal on exactly what constitutes a wall. Is it going to be a gigantic physical barrier? A beefed up border patrol? Weaponized drones monitored by the Space Force?

     The Democrats in charge are against any kind of wall, figurative or literal. Their cause was not helped when a CNN aired a news segment from a reporter visiting a walled section of the U.S. – Mexico border. The reporter declared there were no problems, all was quiet in the disputed area. See? No wall necessary. Wall supporters argued the area was calm because of the physical wall the reporter was standing in front of.

     Political spin aside, it is hard not to admit there is a problem. Many families have lost loved ones to acts of violence committed by illegal aliens. The opioid crisis, the rise of American murders at the hands of illegal aliens and threats of terrorists infiltrating our border are all the ammunition the president needs to declare a national emergency. President Trump is prepared to let the courts decide if his decision is within the perimeter of his presidential power.

     I don’t want to believe the leaders of the Democratic party support the idea of a country with open borders, without a record as to who comes and goes, without discretion. But aiding undocumented aliens and sabotaging immigration agents does little to gain public support. It’s clear something needs to be done. A compromise must be reached so we can move forward as a nation. But compromise doesn’t seem to be in the vocabulary of people on either side of the wall.

     I had my own wall problem closer to home. A former neighbor was causing trouble on our mutual property line. To prevent my neighbor’s trash from constantly spilling into my yard, I had to erect an imposing 6 ft. stockade fence along the property border. My neighbor was away for the weekend when the fence company installed the barrier. When my neighbors returned home, I could tell they weren’t happy about the fence installation. I went outside to smooth things over.

     “I wouldn’t have put up the fence if you kept your trash on your own property,” I said.

     “Good fences make good neighbors,” said my next-door resident..

     Those were the last words my neighbor ever said to me. At least we agreed on something.

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