That’s the spirit

     As Halloween approaches, I thought it would be fun to visit a psychic to find out what my future holds. I love all things supernatural. I’m no stranger to psychic phenomena. Halloween season tends to magnify everyone’s interest in the occult.      I did some internet research to find a local psychic. […]

Boston’s Co(s)mic Convergence

     Once upon a time there was an event called a comic book convention. Times have changed. The world now has a bigger, better, super-mega event called FanExpoBoston. The once obscure hobby of collecting comic books has exploded into the mainstream. Comic books have infiltrated everything from children’s television to academy award winning movies. […]

This Is Us

     I wanted to write this column before the next mass shooting, while my mind was clear and my heart wasn’t heavy with the emotions that follow. I was too late. Sunday morning I heard the news reports of the Odessa, Texas shooting rampage. Not again, I thought. There is always a flurry of […]

The Brady Bunch

    I’m the most unlikely football fan – a high school drama club member, a comic-book nerd, a sensitive artist-type who avoids confrontation. Yet when the New England Patriots take the field, I become a beer-swilling loudmouth superfan who can’t help screaming at the television every time Tom Brady throws the football. No wonder […]

Old and Gray

     The headline in the town newspaper caught my eye. “Stoneham forecasted to grow older and grayer”. Luckily I was wearing my tri-focals so I didn’t have to squint to read the type.       When I moved to Stoneham in 1990, the town was full of elderly residents. The street I currently live […]

Global Parenting

     Raising children is no easy task. Ask any parent and you’ll hear tales of trials and tribulations you won’t believe. You’ll commiserate and secretly thank God that your own parenting problems pale by comparison.       Parenting should be easier in today’s world of ever-connected social media. Our children are always one text […]