To The Max

     Some children are inspired by their parents. They seek to emulate the role models who raised them. Today, I was inspired by my child who turns twenty-five years old this month. He may be twenty-five in calendar years, but after a conversation I had with him this morning, I realized he is wise […]

TV or not TV

           Television prices have come down, but the amount of intelligence it takes to operate a Smart TV has skyrocketed. Technology should simplify life. New-fangled television technology has made my life more complicated.       I wanted to surprise my wife with an early birthday present – a new television for […]

Family Meetings

      When the Queen of England calls a family meeting, everyone in the world sits up and takes notice. When a family meeting is called at my home in Stoneham, it’s a very similar situation. Maybe that’s why my wife is affectionately called The Queen Mother by members of my royal household. Family […]