The Pandemic’s Plus Side

     I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find a silver lining in the coronavirus pandemic. I wasn’t even sure there was one. But I am an eternal optimist (although I don’t always show it). I know we are living in a dire situation. We are in uncharted territory. Most of us haven’t had […]

OK Zoomer

     I’m a little late arriving to the video conference party. I’ve used some video-chat programs in the past. Now I’m forced to use this method of communication almost daily. Video phone call technology has been around for years. We just never chose to use it on an everyday basis, mostly because we didn’t […]

Hunker down

     Hunker down – (verb): to make yourself comfortable in a place or situation, or to prepare to stay in a place or position for a long time, usually in order to achieve something or for protection. That’s the spot-on dictionary definition of what we’re all doing right now.      Hunker down. The […]