Prisoner of Gorham Avenue

Last weekend marked the one-year anniversary of the day the world changed due to the pandemic. I feel like I’m still living in March 2020 with spring just arriving. Instead the calendar reads “2021”. Somehow I’ve jumped ahead in time. I’ve lost twelve months. It’s almost as if last year only existed in my dreams, or […]

Faux Food

Continuing my theme from last week’s food related column, I thought I’d share some kitchen experiences. Even with all the pandemic restrictions, eating is one of the only things that has not been canceled. But since many restaurants are closed or open with limited capacity, many of us have been forced to learn how to […]

TV Dinner

My wife and I don’t share the same taste in television, so it’s always a plus when I gain possession of the remote control for the evening. My idea of entertainment is sci-fi/horror action movies and my wife is more of a Reality TV/Housewives kind of person. There is one genre we both agree on, however. […]