This is Halloween?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween. On every street corner you see 12-foot skeletons and giant inflatable jack-o-lanterns looming over leaf strewn lawns. These scary home decorations are multiplying every year, threatening to become more popular than Christmas displays. Another sign of the twisted times we are living in. This Halloween there will […]

The Walking Dead

HIPAA laws be damned. I’m going to break some patient/doctor confidentiality. It’s legal if the patient does it, right? I’m not the one who took the oath. At the end of September, my annual medical examination was looming large on my calendar with a big red “X”. This past year I’ve had more medical “nuisances” […]

Blondie is a group

Forty-three years ago, in September 1978, a rock album was released that revolutionized the music industry. The group Blondie released their third studio album “Parallel Lines”. The disc contained songs blending different genres of music and ushered in Dance Rock as a new category. The smash number one single Heart of Glass can still be […]