The Behemoth

Television screens are getting bigger (and bigger). Viewers must be growing tired of watching their favorite shows and movies on small screens. And by small screens I mean their phones. Or their Apple watches. For a long time people wanted portability while viewing entertainment. They got portability to the extreme. It was only a matter […]

Leader of the pack

Is there any better way to spend time on your precious summer vacation than bringing the family to Great Wolf Lodge resort and water park in Fitchburg, Massachusetts? I was asking myself the same question when my wife proposed this “fun-filled” family getaway.  There was no sense arguing. I could tell it was a done […]

No going back

I’m sorry but there’s no going back. Two-plus years. I’m done.  Covid-19 wreaked enough havoc on my life, and the lives of many other people if public sentiment is accurate. I won’t bore anyone by recapping the horrors of 2020. You were there. You experienced it first hand. Many of us are still affected by the […]