The month that never was

I happened to glance at my calendar and I was surprised to see it’s already the middle of September. I’m trying to figure out how that happened so quickly. Weren’t we just in the middle of July enjoying the third heat-wave of the season?

September, the fastest moving of all the months, is my favorite one. Temperatures are still warm during the day. The nights have the barest hint of the coolness yet to come. The trees are still full and green. The sun is high and golden. Being in New England magnifies the beautiful weather even more.

Labor Day is supposed to be the last hoorah of summer but in reality there are a still couple of weeks left. Correction, there “were” a couple of weeks of summer left. Those days are gone. According to the calendar, Fall begins next weekend. Once Labor Day ends, schedules ramp up. Suddenly everyone is super busy all the time. Back to School takes up a huge chunk of time, traffic congestion doubles and people scramble to get in their last remaining weeks of outdoor activities. Add to that the fast paced news cycle which is awakening from its summer slumber (if there even was one). The daily news is chock full of amped up crime, treason-accused ex-presidents, royal deaths, and war coverage. And that’s just for starters. Football season has begun which means I can kiss Sunday afternoons goodbye, although 1 p.m. games are great motivators to get things done before kickoff time.

The month of September is the perfect time to stop and reflect on memories made during the summer – this past summer in particular with its stretch of near-perfect weather (drought not withstanding). After the reminiscing is over, it’s time to anticipate what’s ahead – foliage season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – sorry, have I gone too far?

Daylight saving doesn’t end for another six weeks or so, so I’m not losing that precious hour of time just yet. I need that extra sliver of daylight to squeeze in the last of the season’s outdoor activities. Between Farmer’s Markets and Street Faires there’s lots to do. Not to mention Town Day is right around the corner.

I still have a full half of September left to enjoy. Most of my time will be spent putting away summer yard fixtures and pulling air conditioners from windows like bad teeth. They’ve served their purpose but it’s time for them to go. With the summer season over,  they’re now useless heavy metal boxes blocking my view.

I’m keeping an eye out for the first leaf to change color. Summer fades into Fall so slowly it’s almost imperceptible. I want to be aware of the change as it’s happening before I look at my calendar again and I’m in the middle of October wondering where that month went as well.

Joni Mitchell sums up my September feelings perfectly in the lyrics from her song The Circle Game:

And the seasons, they go round and round / And the painted ponies go up and down / We’re captive on the carousel of time / We can’t return, we can only look / Behind, from where we came / And go round and round and round, in the circle game.

That’s me. Remembering the past as it slowly recedes into the distance. Hurtling blindly into the future unable to see what lies ahead over the horizon. Trying to pause long enough to enjoy the present day. No wonder my head is spinning. Pardon me for a few minutes while I go practice my Mac Jones Navy Seal Box Breathing exercises. I want to be able to enjoy what’s left of September.


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