8 Days in Disney

A blur. A blink. A wink of an eye. And now I find myself back in Stoneham after surviving eight days in the Magic Kingdom. My family and I left Logan Airport heading south to Orlando just as Hurricane Ian left Florida and began heading north. The Disney compound was spared from any perceptible damage. […]

Eye of the Storm

When vacation plans are made several months in advance, you have to expect a few bumps along the way. You don’t expect a Category 5 hurricane to hit your exact destination a week before your arrival. In 2020, our 40th Wedding Anniversary vacation trip to DisneyWorld in Florida was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. […]

Fountain of Youth

Move over Ponce de Leòn. I’ve discovered my own Fountain Of Youth – and it’s called music. I’m not the only person to make this discovery. Just ask Debbie Harry from the rock band Blondie. I attended their show last week in Boston at the Leader Bank Pavilion outdoor venue on the waterfront. The band […]