Christmas in July

 There are only two things that will survive a world-scorching nuclear apocalypse – cockroaches and Candace Cameron Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel.  ‘Tis the season for Christmas in July. Summer is in full swing, but for some people it’s never too early to start the holiday season snowball rolling. The Hallmark Channel’s marketing geniuses […]

Biden’s tide is high

     Even though nice weather is finally here, I had some inside work to catch up on. Luckily, as a graphic designer, I can listen to music or tune into television during the more tedious aspects of my job. Sometimes background noise actually helps the creative process.      I scrolled through a few […]

Game of drones

     Look to the skies. The drones have arrived. And they are delivering packages to your front door. Drones were once an expensive gadget for flight enthusiasts who wanted a step up from a toy helicopter tied to a hand-held tether. As drone technology advanced and prices dropped, these mini flying machines became faster, […]

Going to the chapel

     I thought my wedding-attending days were over for awhile. I’ve reached an age where my children and their friends are all married (the ones that want to be), my grandchildren are too young for marriage, and everyone my age who wants to renew their vows has already done so. Imagine my surprise when […]

Correct me if I’m wrong

     Microsoft has launched new software to suggest politically correct edits when someone is writing. The giant US technology company has included the new feature in its latest version of Word, the omnipresent word processing software. The program will apply artificial intelligence to recommend changes to your writing in a way that does not […]

Here comes the rain again

    “Here comes the rain again / Falling on my head like a memory /Falling on my head like a new emotion…”      I once loved that 1984 song by the British duo Eurythmics featuring the soulful vocals of Annie Lennox. But that was before the song became the anthem for Boston’s spring […]

End game

     The premiere episode of the final season of HBO’s epic fantasy series Game of Thrones will likely be the most talked about television event in quite some time. For most fans, this show is the definition of Must-See TV. If you DVR Game of Thrones, expect spoilers to be revealed at the office […]