Max & Hiromi: A Wedding

I never imagined I’d be waking up in a hotel room in Tokyo on the morning of my son Max’s wedding reception. But here I am in the heart of the city checking my suit hanging in my garment bag, hoping it made the long journey unscathed (and unwrinkled). While getting dressed I had flashbacks […]

Next stop: Shibuya

After months of anticipation, my wife and I were sitting on a plane flying to Japan on our way to visit our son. We were excited to attend his wedding reception in Tokyo. I won’t bore anyone with the details of a 14-hour flight. It was fairly smooth and non-eventful despite all the horror stories […]

The countdown begins

At the end of March when I flipped my calendar page to April, a sudden sense of urgency rushed through me. In a few short weeks my wife and I would embark on the trip of a lifetime. We were going to Japan. To Tokyo. To my youngest son’s wedding reception. The date on the […]

For your listening pleasure

One of the perks of working from home is I don’t have to share the choice of radio stations with any co-workers. Working for a daily newspaper requires attention to detail. I can’t have the television on. It’s too distracting. The radio serves the purpose of providing entertainment and information, but passively in the background. […]

The In-between

Spring officially began last week and I barely noticed. Its arrival flew under the radar stealthier than a Chinese weather balloon. There was no March lamb or March lion announcement. The anemic winter weather of the 2023 season faded out in a gray haze and morphed into spring as the fog dissipated. And now it’s […]

Elvis and Priscilla

Last Thursday’s late winter snowstorm wreaked havoc with everyone’s schedule. And as usual in my household, Mother Nature and the cosmic universe love to throw monkey wrenches into my plans. I was under the weather with a head cold (not Covid), so my wife was on snow shoveling duty that day.  Our grandchildren were with […]

99 Red Balloons

­My Alexa interactive voice assistant device is equipped with a special feature that alerts me to breaking news stories. A yellow ring flashes notifying me if I have an incoming notification. Alexa’s robotic voice will announce the headline. Nine times out of ten it’s nothing of consequence. If the breaking news involves mass shootings or […]

But is it art?

I’m concerned about my job. There’s an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) computer program that will write stories for you. Simply open the app, type in a subject, add some key details and in minutes the computer will generate a written article tailored to your specifications. You can even choose the name of an existing writer and […]

Mid-winter Writer’s Block Blues

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines writer’s block as “a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece”. I am lucky enough never to have suffered from this particular affliction. When most people stare at a blank sheet of white paper, they see nothing. I, on the other hand, see unlimited potential. I’ve never […]

My year in review

Now that the year has ended, there’s no going back. But that’s okay. I don’t think I’d want to anyway. Farewell 2022, I hardly knew ye. And what I did know, I could have lived without. I’m fine watching last year fade away in my rear-view mirror. Oh that’s right. I no longer have a […]