Who was that masked man?

The recent CDC declaration regarding mask wearing took me by surprise. I was gathering up baseball equipment while getting ready to take my granddaughter to her Thursday afternoon T-ball game, when Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Center For Disease Control, appeared on the television screen with a simple statement that stopped me in […]

Coffee Talk

It certainly feels like things are getting back to normal in the outside world. The number of active Covid cases appears to be dropping, a majority of people are being vaccinated, traffic is at a stand still once again, and my wife and I have actually braved the pandemic to go on a long overdue […]


Sometime in the not too distant future: “How was school today?” I asked my granddaughter. “Today was a good day. No one got shot,” she answered smiling.  She’s in kindergarten. I’d worry about her more if she were in middle school or high school, but I still worry nonetheless. “Were you wearing your bullet-proof backpack?” […]

There goes NFT-y

A daring young entrepreneur (a millennial, I’m sure) has come up with a way to market original versions of digital art. As a graphic designer, I was intrigued by this. A lot of the art I make is digitally created on a computer. It has always bothered me there is no “original” of my art […]

“It’s April, fool.”

With the pandemic waning ever so slightly, the calendar has become unstuck. As life crawls out of the 2020 quagmire, signs of hope abound. Just look around. It’s already April. Spring is no longer just around the corner, it’s standing right in front of us. The sun is shining like a flashlight into our blind […]

Prisoner of Gorham Avenue

Last weekend marked the one-year anniversary of the day the world changed due to the pandemic. I feel like I’m still living in March 2020 with spring just arriving. Instead the calendar reads “2021”. Somehow I’ve jumped ahead in time. I’ve lost twelve months. It’s almost as if last year only existed in my dreams, or […]

Faux Food

Continuing my theme from last week’s food related column, I thought I’d share some kitchen experiences. Even with all the pandemic restrictions, eating is one of the only things that has not been canceled. But since many restaurants are closed or open with limited capacity, many of us have been forced to learn how to […]

TV Dinner

My wife and I don’t share the same taste in television, so it’s always a plus when I gain possession of the remote control for the evening. My idea of entertainment is sci-fi/horror action movies and my wife is more of a Reality TV/Housewives kind of person. There is one genre we both agree on, however. […]

Keep Walking

After being cooped up in my house for what feels like forever, I wanted to make a valiant effort to continue some form of physical activity to stay healthy. My options for any kind of daily exercise routine were cut short thanks to the pandemic. That’s my new excuse anyway. In the past, I would go […]


I’ve lived through unprecedented times. I was sixteen years old when Richard Nixon became the first president to resign from office on August 8, 1974. It was a hot summer day in New England. I was sitting in a chair at a Main Street barber shop getting a much needed haircut. I just got my […]