Holiday Playlist 2022

‘Tis the season for the sounds of the season to fill the air. This year Christmas music was playing earlier than usual – on the radio, on streaming services and especially in my home thanks to Alexa and Amazon Music Unlimited.  My taste in music is eclectic (that’s a kind way of saying “out there”, […]


Thanks for the memories

The extended warmth of Autumn 2022 has given way to colder weather just in time to get everyone in the mood for the holiday season ahead. I was hoping the 70 degree days were going to last until the end of the year just to prove the climate-change die-hards are right. But no such luck. […]

Time is on my side

Hooray! The clocks have turned back an hour giving us another precious hour to enjoy. As the weather turns colder, we need all the hours of daylight we can get. Climate change has given New England a double edge sword: an extended mild Fall season accompanied by destruction of the planet, so let’s try to […]

8 Days in Disney

A blur. A blink. A wink of an eye. And now I find myself back in Stoneham after surviving eight days in the Magic Kingdom. My family and I left Logan Airport heading south to Orlando just as Hurricane Ian left Florida and began heading north. The Disney compound was spared from any perceptible damage. […]

Eye of the Storm

When vacation plans are made several months in advance, you have to expect a few bumps along the way. You don’t expect a Category 5 hurricane to hit your exact destination a week before your arrival. In 2020, our 40th Wedding Anniversary vacation trip to DisneyWorld in Florida was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. […]

Fountain of Youth

Move over Ponce de Leòn. I’ve discovered my own Fountain Of Youth – and it’s called music. I’m not the only person to make this discovery. Just ask Debbie Harry from the rock band Blondie. I attended their show last week in Boston at the Leader Bank Pavilion outdoor venue on the waterfront. The band […]

The month that never was

I happened to glance at my calendar and I was surprised to see it’s already the middle of September. I’m trying to figure out how that happened so quickly. Weren’t we just in the middle of July enjoying the third heat-wave of the season? September, the fastest moving of all the months, is my favorite […]

The Behemoth

Television screens are getting bigger (and bigger). Viewers must be growing tired of watching their favorite shows and movies on small screens. And by small screens I mean their phones. Or their Apple watches. For a long time people wanted portability while viewing entertainment. They got portability to the extreme. It was only a matter […]

Leader of the pack

Is there any better way to spend time on your precious summer vacation than bringing the family to Great Wolf Lodge resort and water park in Fitchburg, Massachusetts? I was asking myself the same question when my wife proposed this “fun-filled” family getaway.  There was no sense arguing. I could tell it was a done […]

No going back

I’m sorry but there’s no going back. Two-plus years. I’m done.  Covid-19 wreaked enough havoc on my life, and the lives of many other people if public sentiment is accurate. I won’t bore anyone by recapping the horrors of 2020. You were there. You experienced it first hand. Many of us are still affected by the […]