The Waiting Game

     This article was written over a two day period last weekend. There was so much happening in the world, one session at my keyboard just wasn’t enough. Saturday 01.19.19:      I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. An antiquated expression but that’s the feeling today brings as I wait for the […]

More tales from Kushala Sip

It’s another Saturday mid-morning at Kushala Sip. What is it about a coffee-shop atmosphere that inspires the creative writing process? Is it the soft jazz? The ambient noise? The muffled conversations of patrons at other tables? I wasn’t purposely trying to listen but snippets of people talking would bubble to the surface every few minutes […]

9 Myths of Christmas

     The holidays are fast approaching. There is no escape from the snowball effect as time speeds up and days dwindle when the countdown begins. I’m taking a break from my busy schedule to expose some truths I’ve learned over the years. Myth 1 – Everybody hates fruitcake FALSE: I was surprised to learn […]

Please Re-Lease Me

     It’s shopping time again and I’m dreading it. Oh, not holiday shopping – I love that. What I don’t like is shopping for a new car. I like to look, but the process of negotiating the final sale is torture for the average consumer.      Currently, I drive a 2008 Dodge Nitro. […]

And so it begins…

     It seems like yesterday I was sitting in this very spot writing last month’s column “October, Half Over”. I even made a reference to my kitchen calendar because I was looking at it from my favorite writing spot at the table. I was surprised to see the month was already half over. I’m […]

My Favorite Monsters

     Tis the season for horror movies. Even though Halloween is over, there’s still time to enjoy some fear-filled flicks before the holiday movie onslaught begins. Here’s a list of my favorite fright films if you’re looking for something scary for a fall Friday night: Night of the Living Dead (1968): Hands down the […]

October, Half Over

     The subtle transition from summer into fall is finally complete. I know this because leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and heavy sweatshirts and heavier jackets are replacing Hawaiian shirts and tank tops.      People spent most of the month winding down from their last hurrahs of summer. Unseasonably warm September temperatures […]