Phoning it in

     I’ve recently joined the thousands of people who now work from home. My employer’s initial two-week trial period of telecommuting has now stretched into a month. I wouldn’t be surprised if this new business arrangement becomes permanent.      My co-workers and I didn’t have any time to adjust to the idea of […]

Playlist for Armageddon

     We all need something to take our mind off the coronavirus news coverage that is saturating our daily lives. In this time of crisis, people can find joy in music. Listening to a favorite soothing song can help heal the soul. Since I’m practicing social distancing, I’m home alone for the majority of […]

Webster’s new dictionary – coronavirus edition

The world changed overnight. The coronavirus outbreak added new words to our vocabulary that didn’t exist a couple of months ago. I did some online research to find definitions of the new expressions we are becoming all too familiar with.  Novel coronavirus: The word virus comes from the Latin word meaning venom and describes a […]

Starve a cold, feed a fever, kill a virus

     I thought I’d have more time before I had to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) in my column. I planned on writing a re-cap after things settled down. I thought the spread of the virus would be slower. I thought we wouldn’t face a crisis in the USA since the problem was on the […]

To The Max

     Some children are inspired by their parents. They seek to emulate the role models who raised them. Today, I was inspired by my child who turns twenty-five years old this month. He may be twenty-five in calendar years, but after a conversation I had with him this morning, I realized he is wise […]

TV or not TV

           Television prices have come down, but the amount of intelligence it takes to operate a Smart TV has skyrocketed. Technology should simplify life. New-fangled television technology has made my life more complicated.       I wanted to surprise my wife with an early birthday present – a new television for […]

Family Meetings

      When the Queen of England calls a family meeting, everyone in the world sits up and takes notice. When a family meeting is called at my home in Stoneham, it’s a very similar situation. Maybe that’s why my wife is affectionately called The Queen Mother by members of my royal household. Family […]

From Far East to Northeast

     My holidays were like a Hallmark Christmas movie and a Travel Channel documentary all rolled into one. My youngest son, Max, who lives in Tokyo, Japan, excitedly told me he was coming home for the holiday week. I was super excited as I hadn’t seen him for a year and a half. I […]

Ghosts of Christmas Parties Past

      The tradition of wild, out of control holiday office parties is a thing of the past. Maybe it’s for the best. In the post #MeToo world, there’s no toleration for drunken holiday hijinx in the workplace. I have hazy memories of a few office parties that bordered on total chaos. Having spent […]

December Forever

     “It’s going to be Christmas before we know it.” I uttered those words to my wife back in July as we sat on the sofa on a hot summer night complete with chirping crickets and barely a breeze.      The five months that passed feel more like hours than days.      […]