Week One

     It’s been a week since President Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States and looking out my window I see the world is still here. The elegant pomp and circumstance of Friday’s Inauguration Day festivities captured the spotlight even though Trump detractors tried to disrupt the festivities. Protesters gathered on the streets of Washington outside the barriers of the presidential motorcade. Mobs of hoodlums clad in black descended en masse to let their frustrations be known in the only way they know how – by smashing windows at Starbucks. How does this random act of violence achieve any purpose except making the protesters look bad. These protesters are probably the same people who stand in line at Starbucks and shell out $6.00 for a Venti Caramel Machiatto. Why don’t they protest against the high price of custom made coffee drinks? Or maybe they should stay off coffee all together if it’s going to lead to this kind of behavior.

     I’m not a Trump supporter by any stretch of the imagination. He was elected by the people, and the majority rules (Electoral College not withstanding). I’m willing to give him a chance. I’m hoping something positive crawls out of the political swamp once it’s drained. If policies are put in place that are detrimental to the USA, then it’s up to the people to remove the president from office. There are impeachment laws in place if a president oversteps his legal boundaries. I’m stepping back and taking a deep breath to let things settle down. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Just ask former President Obama.

     It seems counter-productive to wish ill will towards the Trump administration. So many people would love to see him fail. But if he succeeds, then America succeeds. If he fails, we all fail. We are all in this together. You know, “we the people”. That’s us.

     Whether or not President Trump can unify the country remains to be seen. The doomers and gloomers are making their voices heard. In New York, Actor Alec Baldwin’s anti-Trump rally did nothing to make me sympathetic to his cause. Baldwin wants people to participate in 100 days of resistance during President Trump’s first 100 days in office. How about making one personal positive change per day for 100 days? That seems more productive to me.

     I liked some things I heard in President Trump’s inaugural speech. I could appreciate the God and Country rally cries even if the word were perfectly scripted and lacking spontaneity. It sounded good. Some say Trump’s speech projected a pessimistic view of America. Have you looked around recently?

     President Trump has already begun dismantling the current health care system. I’m on board with this. I could use a health care overhaul because whatever ObamaCare is, it isn’t working for me.

     I saw a lot of positive things during the ceremonies. I saw what looked like a large, loving extended family. Melania looked beautiful in her blue Ralph Lauren outfit but comparisons to Jackie Kennedy were a bit of a stretch. I saw a man who looked genuinely happy to be in the position he’s in. I’m sure he won’t enjoy being scrutinized by the cameras of the press 24/7. On Saturday’s coverage of the national prayer service, I noticed President Trump trying not to look bored. Maybe he was just tired from all the celebrations.

     It’s only been a week since our country peacefully transferred power to the next regime. I’m hopeful, cautiously optimistic, with one eye on the next presidential election if things don’t work out this time. Right now I’m more concerned about just getting through week two.

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